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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Whereabouts

I hope everyone is making it through the week well!  I decided for my location this week, that I would choose another mountainous locale.  These photos were taken about three years ago, while my family and I visited here.  Good luck!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Gosh, I'm stumped! I'd say somewhere in the mountains, but HELLO that's obvious and part of your clue! Can't wait to find out tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I'm stumped too, but they're very pretty photos! The 2nd one especially, with the sun's reflection. :)

  3. That is def the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Love that place!

  4. looks like what surrounds me at grad school :) love those beautiful fall and sunshiney pictures!

  5. It's the Grove Park Inn!!! We went there last Fall, beautiful place!


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