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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Whereabouts

This past week, we had a request for a showing on Friday morning at 9:30am.  Kind of early for a showing, especially on a rainy day, but a showing, is a showing.  Since the girls don't have school on Fridays, we headed to our local Nature Museum.  As usual, the girls loved it.  They got to pet Smudge the bunny rabbit and touch a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  They also saw a puppet show and visited the butterfly garden.  Cracks me up every time, but E is FREAKED OUT by the butterflies.  She winces every time one flies near her, and begs to leave five minutes after we're in there.  You'll see evidence in the photos.  Hilarious.
Groundhog Charlotte posing for the camera.  Such a ham!
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Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!
P.S. Are y'all doing a March Madness Tournament bracket?
Both teams I picked to win, won their games last night. A great start.


  1. Those pictures are too funny! I love the one where Charlotte is high fiving your little one.

    I have to put my bracket together over lunch and hand it over to my office's commissioner!

  2. those groundhog photos are hilarious! love all of your rain boots!

  3. Hey Friend!!

    I am loving those pictures!!!! Too cute and my, how they are growing so fast!

    Hope you all have a blessed Wednesday!

  4. Those pictures are too cute! I'm loving your dress and rain boots!

  5. That is so funny about Effie being scared of the butterflies :)

  6. E is too funny! I love she is all up in the snake's face but is running from the sweet butterflies! Too funny! Hope the showing went well... maybe a 2nd showing or offer...?


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